Fort Lauderdale
Civic Hackathon
July 23, 2016
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Join local civic hackers, government staff, developers, designers, urbanists, community organizers & others passionate about making our city better for a day long community tech event. We will collaboratively build projects, apps, & websites using publicly-released data, technology, & design processes to improve our communities & the governments that serve them.

The Challenges

Taking place July 23rd at Axis Space Coworking in downtown Fort Lauderdale, teams will work toward addressing the below Challenge areas.

Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Oh My

Fort Lauderdale is known as the "Venice of the Americas" with 165 miles of canals and 52 bridges managed by the city. Whether it's mapping local water bodies or an app to order a stand-up paddle board, you love the outdoors and hope others do too. This Challenge is everything outdoors and H2O related.

Trash to Treasure

Are you an upcycler, recycler, or remixer? This Challenge is for those bold enough to rethink how we share, gift, and donate. What would a local tool library look like? Or a Uber for physical donations? How can we expand on the idea that "One's trash is another's treasure?"

Go Go Get Around

Have an opinion on transportation in Fort Lauderdale or Broward? Think there's a better way to organize, route, or create a better experiences for riders? This Challenge is everything "people & movement" related.

Non-Profit Track

Want to collaborate on real problems presented from local non-profits? Take on this Challenge if you want to get up close and personal with one of our participating organizations as you attempt to solve their presented problem.

Open Challenge

If you're not intrigued by one of the above, break away from the pack and come up with your own Challenge.

Place: Axis Space

Date: July 23, 2016

Time: 8am-8pm

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